Forest Meditation is a website dedicated to the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha. The main purpose of this website is to share Buddha's teachings with whomever that visits these pages. Also, it is my intention to share info on the temples that I have personal knowledge of. Most of what you find here is from the Theravada Tradition, specifically Thai Forest Tradition. Please with any suggestion.

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The Basics

Beginning Meditation

  • Buddho, by Ajaan Thate
    A simple and practical guide to the use of the meditation phrase, buddho, which is used to settle the mind to the point at which discernment can begin to arise.
  • A Guided Meditation, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
    Basic instructions in the practice of breath meditation.
  • Steps Along the Path, by Ajaan Thate
    A short handbook on the practice of meditation, with tips and recommendations for new and experienced meditators. Of particular interest is Ajaan Thate's discussion of how best to respond when visions and signs arise during the course of meditation practice.

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May you be peaceful and at ease.

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