Here are some Pali chants by Thai monks. I downloaded these sometime ago from Many thanks to the webmaster! I would have liked to ask for permission first before posting these files, but the site no longer exists. It took me a while to decide to go ahead and post them. It is a great benefit for people who want to learn these chants to have them available. But, if anyone knows of any reason that I should take them off, . Thanks!

I will post a link to the text of each chant. A few audio chants are slightly different than the text, but I am posting them anyway and you can decide if you want to use them or not. Also note that some chants are done with Pali and Thai. Usually one sentence in Pali then the same sentence in Thai. Just replace the Thai portion with the English translation when you chant.

Pronunciation Guide

Morning Chants [Text]

Arahaṃ sammā-sambuddho bhagavā [Audio]
Homage to the Awakened One [Audio]
Praise for the Buddha [Audio]
Praise for the Dhamma [Audio]
Praise for the Sangha [Audio]
Salutation to the Triple Gem & The Topics for Chastened Dispassion [Audio]

Evening Chants [Text]

Arahaṃ sammā-sambuddho bhagavā [Audio]
Homage to the Awakened One & A Guide to the Recollection of the Buddha [Audio]
Verses in Celebration of the Buddha [Audio]
A Guide to the Recollection of the Dhamma [Audio]
Verses in Celebration of the Dhamma [Audio]
A Guide to the Recollection of the Sangha [Audio]
Verses in Celebration of the Sangha [Audio]


Contemplation of the Body [Text] [Audio]
Five Subjects for Frequent Recollection [Text] [Audio]
Dedication of Merit [Text] [Audio]


Buddhaṃ saraṇaṃ gacchāmi... [Text] [Audio]
Ṅ'atthi me saraṇaṃ aññaṃ... [Text] [Audio]


The Discourse on Setting the Wheel of Dhamma in Motion [Text] [Audio]


An Invitation to the Devas [Text] [Audio]
The Verses on Success through Homage [Text] [Audio]
The Homage Octet [Text] [Audio]
The Discourse on Good Fortune [Text] [Audio]
The Discourse on Lovingkindness [Text] [Audio]
The Group Protection [Text] [Audio]
The Peacock's Protection [Text] [Audio]
Homage to the Seven Past Buddhas [Text] [Audio]
The Factor-of-Awakening Protection [Text] [Audio]
The Verses of the Buddha's Auspicious Victories [Text] [Audio]
The Victory Protection [Text] [Audio]
The Danger-free Protection [Text] [Audio]
Sakkatvā buddha-ratanaṃ... [Text] [Audio]
Dukkhappattā ca niddukkhā... (Who have fallen into suffering...) [Text] [Audio]
Bhavatu sabba-maṅgalaṃ... (May there be every blessing...) [Text] [Audio]

Note: to download the audio files, right click or control click on the links. Or, you can download a zipped file that contains all the audio files that you see here. It is about 15.9MB.

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