Buddhist Temple of America (Wat Bhuridattavanaram)

Buddhist Temple of America
5615 Howard St.
Ontario, CA 91762
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Event Announcement

New Pagoda at Buddhist Temple of America

Self-Transformation Through Self-Observation
by The Venerable Thanissaro Bhikkhu
Saturday, October 6, 2012

Come and experience Breath Meditation with the Venerable Thanissaro Bhikkhu. Also known to many as Ajaan Geoff, he is an American-born Theravada monk who has been the abbot of Metta Forest Monastery in San Diego, California since 1993. He teaches regularly at BCBS (Barre Center for Buddhist Studies) and throughout the U.S. and has contributed significantly to the Dhamma Dana Publications project. Ajaan Geoff has written several books on Buddhism and meditation. He is fluent in Thai and Pali (the language of early Buddhist writings.)

Admission is free. Please bring a friend. Vegetarian food will be provided during.

breakRSVP by email to [email protected].

The History of Wat Bhuridattavanaram

In 1986, a group of Buddhists in Southern California sought to practice in the way of Venerable Ajaan Mun, the father of the current Theravada Kammatthana Forest Tradition in Thailand. They began preparation to build Wat Bhuridattavanaram, the Buddhist Temple of America, to be named after Venerable Ajaan Mun.

The community purchased 4.68 acres in Ontario, Southern California on what was then a strawberry orchard. The community then invited Venerable Ajaan Suwat to serve as abbot of the newly constructed temple.

Venerable Ajaan Suwat was a student of both Venerable Ajaan Mun and Venerable Ajaan Funn. After serving as abbot of Wat Khow Noi in Buriram, Thailand., Venerable Ajaan Suwat founded and served as abbot of Wat Bhuridatta for the next ten years.

Today, the Buddhist Temple of America lives according to those Vinaya rules set forth by the Buddha and according to those laws established by the government of the United States. The temple serves as both a place for bhikkus (Buddhist monks) to train and practice and as a place for lay people to study and practice in all aspects of the Dhamma–the teachings of the Buddha.

The Abbot

Phra Ajaan Samruay
Phrakuvitoon Thammanithes
(P.S.R. Tayano)

The Venerable Abbot came to the United States on May 15, 1987.

Daily Schedule
6:30 AM Morning Chanting and Meditation
8:00 AM Sweeping
9:30 AM Pindapata (alms-round)
10:00 AM Morning Service and Meal
3:00 PM Tea
5:00 PM Sweeping and Evening Chores
7:00 PM Evening Chanting and Meditation


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